Livvy Land


  • First Place –
  • Your choice of any two plushies, in your choice of color
  • Second Place –  
  • Your choice of two plushies, out of a Scalemate, Host, Squiddle, Smuppet, or Vodka Mutini, in your choice of color 
  • Third Place –
  • Your choice of one plushie, out of a Scalemate, Host, Squiddle, Smuppet, or Vodka Mutini, in your choice of color


  • Ends on the 27th of November
  • Reblog as much as you want, and likes count. I suggest leaving some sort of comment on each reblog so tumblr will count it
  • You don’t need to be following me, but I would appreciate it!
  • There will be three winners. Make sure your ask box is open or I’ll will choose a new winner after 24 hours
  • I will only be able to ship to the US and Canada, unless you are willing to pay for shipping
  • Side blogs and giveaway blogs are OK
  • You have to be OK with giving me your address

Good luck!

EDIT: Also, I meant to add that I did not make the items in the pictures, however, I have made the items pictured before, and they look almost identical to these pictures. I would have used pictures of the ones I made, but I don’t have a camera. The patterns can be found here and here

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